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Build Your Own Tower

Build Your Own Tower

Build Your Very Own Macaron Tower For Pickup or to be Shipped!


Each tower holds the following number of macarons: 

3 Tier: 23

4 Tier: 37

5 Tier: 54

6 Tier: 74

7 Tier: 87

8 Tier: 113

9 Tier: 142

10 Tier: 174


Please Read: Each order includes the correct size tower that will hold all of the macarons for your order. Tower orders cannot be placed without the tower. We do not recommend placing an order of macarons intended to be placed on a tower without informing O'MACARON because we take great care to ensure that macarons ordered for the intended purpose of displaying on a tower fit the tower properly. Sometimes we make macarons that are too large to comfortably fit on a tower. tier We choose macarons for the towers that look very nice displayed AND fit the tower the best. We practice setting it up in the bakery before packaging it to give to you to ensure it looks nice.


*Prices subject to change at anytime if the price of our towers goes up, etc.

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